Benefits of Sun-Grown Flower

A recent study stated that outdoor cannabis does not cause any harm to the lungs but rather enhances the capacity of the lungs.
Mari Juana
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"You grow differently under the sun" is one of the popular yet cliche phrases you might also hear of. Sun plays a vital role in cultivating flower. It will be flourished without restriction for many years in wide-open fields in direct light. Moreover, the sun-grown flower is a more sustainable and eco-friendly growing technique. At Smokeland, our products are produced, sourced, and farmed locally.  We support our neighbors and always do our best to buy from all of them. 

This article will cover what you need to know about sun-grown flower including their benefits. Scroll up!

Sun-Grown Flower vs Indoor Cultivation

Natural and harmless are the two key terms which describe the Sun-Grown Flower. It refers to the flower that is grown in an outdoor environment, specifically, under the exposure of sunlight. Though the cycle is seasonal for sun-grown cannabis, it has significantly more benefits than indoor cannabis. It is better for the environment, growers, and consumers as well. 

Technically, sun-grown cannabis can enjoy its full spectrum of terpene which cannot be achieved indoors. Moreover, outdoor farmers can utilize different farming techniques that will increase the productivity of cannabis while preserving the ecosystem. What's more? The physical appearance also varies. Cannabis that is taken care of under the sun has a darker appearance and is most likely to have more loose-packed buds. The aroma will be like grass, wood, or pepper. It will seamlessly have a rich flavor due to the environment in which it is cultivated, providing a natural flavor. 

Advantages of Sun-Grown Flower

Now that you're already familiar with the differences between sun-grown flower and indoor cultivation, let's get deeper into the benefits of the sun-grown flower. 

Beneficial for consumer health

The average time to grow or cultivate cannabis under the sun will usually take up to nine months. Unlike indoor cultivation which has various equipment and materials for operation which can fasten the process for only six weeks. Prior to that, this will result in a lack of minerals that are helpful for consumers. Sun-grown cannabis is healthier for the consumer because there will be no traces of chemical products such as pesticides, fertilizers, and artificial lighting. 

A recent study stated that outdoor cannabis does not cause any harm to the lungs but rather enhances the capacity of the lungs. Because of its sun exposure, sun-grown cannabis can have greater terpene content which contains a chemical called CBD that greatly helps the brain to function better.

Diabetes prevention, control of seizures, and treating inflammatory bowel diseases, are some of the other health benefits of sun-grown cannabis.

Less Energy Use

The primary source for the outdoor cultivation of flowers is the sun. Indoor-grown cannabis depends on light from artificial sources such as high-voltage bulbs, this result in the high consumption of energy.

Additionally, wastewater that is present in the indoor cultivation of flower also needs a greater amount of electricity for filtration before it proceeds to the sewer systems. It's definitely easier to produce flower in indoor cultivation, but is it worth it? 


Contrary to cannabis cultivated indoors, cannabis grown in the sun requires fewer resources. It has minimal or no harmful impact on the environment. Sun-grown relies on natural components like the sun and air throughout the cultivation phase in order to flourish. The application of artificial lighting is not required. As a result, significantly less carbon dioxide is released into the environment. 

Lower cost to produce

Now for the most important part, it's cheaper! A cannabis plantation requires some upfront costs. There are prerequisites for culture that apply to both indoor and outdoor growing. Outdoor cannabis production is economical and does not require any of the pricey environmental controls that indoor cannabis production requires.

Sun-grown production may be grown with lesser resources but it will surely consume all the needed minerals for a better quality of cannabis. It's a total package, you already helped to sustain the environment and purchase the product at a lower cost.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, each developing technique has advantages and disadvantages. Sun-grown cannabis, on the other hand, is the best choice if you want to fully appreciate its therapeutic qualities.

For instance, Smokeland is the top brand of cannabis that is cultivated outdoors in California.  You can't go wrong with sun-grown marijuana, though, if your priorities include flavor, a full-spectrum high, the Entourage Effect's advantages, sustainability, and knowing where your marijuana is grown.