Crumble Vs Shatter: Which is the Better Option?

What are Concentrates?
Gary Puffin
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Let’s get into concentrates. Sounds new? Well, most of consumers are familiar with the different types of cannabis products and methods, while others do not. While the formulation of edibles and flowers has been known for centuries, it is also essential to be familiar with concentrate. And with the emerging production of cannabis in the industry, new faces have been made. 

Concentrates only become evident recently, this blog post is not solely for beginners but also for veterans who only heard just now about concentrates. We’ll discuss the two most popular concentrates: crumble and shatter. What are their differences? Similarities? To find out, keep scrolling!

What are Concentrates? 

There are different forms of concentrated cannabis, this includes shatter, crumble, and wax. But here, we’ll give the floor to the shatter and crumble. To formulate concentrates, the stickiest glands found in cannabis flowers are extracted through various methods. Concentrates are highly concentrated cannabis making it the best way to consume THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol).


If you’re familiar with concentrates, then you’ve probably heard of shatter. It is considered as the most popular one because of its appearance. The reason why it’s called shatter is because of its glass appearance which could “shatter”. People nowadays, especially Gen Zs are fond of aesthetic-looking products, and shatter did not disappoint them. It consists of 80-90% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and you can consume it by vaping or dabbing. 


As the name says, this type of concentrate has a crumbly and dry texture. It is also called a “honeycomb” because of its resemblance. When it comes to potency, crumble consists of up to 90%, resulting in a pale and yellow appearance. It preserves more terpene contents because of a lower temperature making it flavorful. The most excellent way to enjoy crumble is through dabbing, but prepared your tools to dig in!

Deciding What to Buy

You’re done with identifying the differences between a crumble and a shatter, congrats! Don’t know which one is for you? Worry no more! We have gathered all the factors to consider before choosing concentrated cannabis. Hopefully, at the end of this blog, you’ll find the best-suited concentrated cannabis for you. 


One of the deciding factors is our taste buds of course! If you want a profound smell and taste, crumble is the winner. It has the quality of live resin and the aroma varies on the initial strain.


Shatter and crumble are the two most potent types of concentrated cannabis which consists of up to 90% THC. If you want to get a strong one, get yourself a shatter or crumble. 

Ease of Use

Crumble has a flaky texture making it hard to deal with because of its consistency. On the other hand, shatter has more stability and can be easily vaped or dabbed. 

Price Range

If you want to go at a cheaper price, choose crumble. Smokeland offers different types of crumble and shatter. Are you still struggling? Go to our website and click our live chat at the bottom right. We offer the cheapest yet quality cannabis concentrated products in the market. Don’t miss out!