Cannabis and Fashion: How Marijuana Culture is Influencing Style

Published: 5/7/2024
By: Harry B. Nuggs

Cannabis and Fashion: How Marijuana Culture is Influencing Style

It's no secret that, in recent years, cannabis culture has gained popularity. The cannabis plant and its famous leaf have entered the mainstream zeitgeist, having evolved from underground countercultures as more and more places legalize or decriminalize marijuana. And the fashion industry is greatly impacted by this sudden surge in popularity. From high-end designers to streetwear brands, the influence of weed culture is being felt across the style spectrum.

Cannabis Motifs on the Runway

One of the areas where marijuana has had a big impact is fashion. This can be evident from the clothing and accessories adorned with cannabis-inspired prints, designs, and patterns. It's difficult to ignore cannabis leaves these days since they're so ubiquitous; you can find them on dresses, shirts, bags, shoes, and even jewelry. Top designers like Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, and Mara Hoffman have been using marijuana motifs in their high-end collections in recent seasons.

Marijuana's influence extends beyond the leaf and can be seen in the colors, textures, and styles that harken back to the plant and the broader cannabis culture. Imagine fading tie-dyes, earthy greens, rusty oranges, and psychedelic patterns with a surreal vibe. These colors and emotions are now making an appearance on the catwalks from the streets and headshops.

Stoner Streetwear Goes Mainstream

While high fashion has been quick to capitalize on the cannabis trend, the style was pioneered by streetwear and counterculture fashion over decades. Brands built around a stoner, skater, or surfer aesthetic like Huf, Cookies, and Rip N Dip have long sold clothing covered in references to cannabis culture. Now, these brands are finding a huge mainstream audience as weed loses its stigma.

Not only are the traditional stoner companies participating in this trend. Even well-known companies like Adidas and Nike have developed clothing and sneakers that subtly reference the cannabis trend. In the meanwhile, a ton of apparel bearing graphics of marijuana, smoke, and leaves is being sold by well-known streetwear brands including The Hundreds and Diamond Supply Co. Marijuana fashion has officially become part of global pop culture!

Cannabis Fabric and Materials

It's not just about prints and patterns either. Some innovative designers and brands are incorporating hemp and marijuana into the physical materials and fabrics used to make their clothing. Sustainable fashion labels are exploring the benefits of hemp textiles which require less water and pesticides than conventionally-grown cotton. Cone Denim, based in North Carolina, is leveraging sustainable hemp processing techniques in collaboration with BastCore, a hemp processing company, to enhance its range of eco-friendly denim products. This initiative underscores their commitment to utilizing durable fibers that can be woven into high-quality fabrics.

Beyond just fabric, some accessory and shoe designers have even started working with parts of the cannabis plant itself for their goods. Purses and bags woven with hemp, shoes made of pressed hemp materials - there's no limit to the unusual and innovative ways cannabis crops are being used in cutting-edge fashion.

Celebrity Stoner Style

Of course, one can't discuss weed's influence on fashion without mentioning some of the major celebrities who represent cannabis culture style. For years, iconoclastic stars like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Rihanna have made no secret of their affinity for marijuana - and their wardrobes reflect it. Covered in weed socks, smoking slippers, and all manner of pot leaf apparel, these music celebrities set the tone for stoner style to go mainstream.

And it's not just music stars getting baked in their fashion. Actors and models who embrace cannabis culture like Seth Rogen, Margot Robbie, and Cara Delevingne are often papped rocking weed-inspired streetwear. With so many influential celebrities openly representing Mary Jane, it's only natural that their stylistic sensibilities would impact the fashion world.

The Future of Weed Style

There is a promising future for fashion related to cannabis since it is expected to continue growing and changing with more states legalizing marijuana and diminishing social taboos around it. Right now we’re seeing lots of clothes covered in blatant weed imagery but eventually, we might start leaning towards something that implies a little more subtlety as time goes on. The cyclical nature of fashion means that even though the weed style will adapt to the times, reflecting changing cultural attitudes.  However, no matter what happens there will still be close ties between cannabis culture, design, and fashion which highlight new and interesting connections between marijuana and our clothes as understanding broadens.

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