How to Lower a High Weed Tolerance

Published: 8/22/2023

Do you feel like cannabis isn't working for you anymore? High cannabis tolerance is what you got!

Consuming cannabis a few times a week can result in weed tolerance. If you develop a high cannabis tolerance, you will feel that it isn't working for you anymore. An important factor in why people consume cannabis is its effects. Not experiencing the effects will be a huge problem for them. 

With several factors, let's chunk it into pieces and discuss what causes high tolerance and how you can lower your weed tolerance for a better cannabis experience. Scroll up!

What is Cannabis Tolerance?

The regular use of cannabis is one of the main reasons why you developed it. Now, to get it technical, cannabis consists of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive compound. This component works by affecting the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain. If you consume THC a lot of times, daily, or on a regular basis, CB1 receptors will reduce gradually. The greater you consume cannabis, it will minimize your CB1 activation. Now, tolerance is not only applicable to cannabis, we've seen it a lot! Even people who consume caffeine and alcohol can develop tolerance. Better not to worry because we curated solutions for you!

There's nothing that can explain how you can get a high weed tolerance, but there are factors that affect your having one. This includes the usage of cannabis, how potent it is the cannabis, and sometimes it might be in your genes.

How Can You Lower Your Weed Tolerance?

Every cannabis consumer will experience this in their lifetime. Once you consume it regularly, you'll develop high tolerance. It's great to experience its effects in the early stage where you can control yourself and have fun with your friends. But what if it exceeds to the point where you cannot feel the effects anymore? Don't rush things up and follow these guidelines to lower your tolerance so you can enjoy more!

Tolerance Break

This is being talked about a lot and is the number one solution for lowering your weed tolerance. Now when we say break, it means that you should put distance between your relationship with your favorite cannabis product. A little patience and discipline will do to regain your experience. Usually, it takes 2 weeks of a break to reduce your tolerance but it still varies. 

Control Your Doses

This is another great way to reduce your tolerance. You know that the less cannabis you consume, the lesser the chance that you will develop tolerance. Only consume a minimum amount where you are comfortable and do not overdose.  This can be done in two ways, the first one is micro-dosing which simply means that you have to consume smaller amounts of THC, ideally less than 10 mg. The other one is instead of reducing the dosage, if you consume cannabis every day try every other day. These little steps will help you achieve your goal.  

Exercise More!

Most importantly, do not lose engagement with physical activities. Just like they say, a healthy body is a healthy mind. When you exercise you also burn fat. Aside from enhancing the effects of consuming cannabis, this will help you lower your tolerance as well. The reason is that THC is fat-soluble which means it can be dissolved through physical activities. Try to have at least 30 minutes of your day allotted for exercising. You may try swimming, running, or just walking for a few miles to get sweat. 

Bottom Line

Cannabis tolerance is quite frustrating for some consumers, but there's a way! Consider the tips we discussed above to achieve your original cannabis experience. It will take a lot of effort and patience to reduce your tolerance, but it is not impossible. 

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