St. Patrick's Day and Weeds

Published: 3/14/2024
By: Harry B. Suggs

St. Patrick's Day and Weeds

Every year on March 17th, thousands of people celebrate the vibrancy of Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day. What started as a religious feast day honoring Ireland’s patron saint has evolved into a global celebration of all things Irish. Major cities hold elaborate parades filled with music, dancing, costumes, Irish flags, and revelers dressed from head to toe in green attire. The day’s festive atmosphere sweeps up people of all backgrounds to try traditional Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, dance an Irish jig, and toast the Emerald Isle over pints of green beer. It’s a joyful celebration that reminds everyone to let loose and tap into their Celtic spirit.

For many people, St. Patrick’s Day means donning something green, heading to the pub, and indulging in a few too many frosty beer mugs. However, excessive drinking often leads to headaches, nausea, and embarrassing late-night stories. That's why many Americans are swapping out the booze in favor of weed. Keep reading to explore some suitable strains for the holiday and other ways to incorporate cannabis into festivities.

Potent St. Patrick’s Day Strains

Luckily, several existing marijuana strains perfectly suit St. Paddy’s Day fun. Their names and effects conjure up images of the Emerald Isle and leprechauns. Trip to the local dispensary to pick up an eighth and try out some of these fine options:

  • Green Crack - This invigorating sativa sparks energy, inspiration, and conversation. It provides a lively, social high perfect for parties and pub crawls. Just don’t overdo it, or the intense cerebral effects might feel like the name suggests!

  • Green Dragon - A cross between Green Crack and Sour Diesel, this hybrid strain mixes an energetic mental lift with relaxing full-body effects. Expect lots of laughter and flowing creative conversations.

  • Lucky Charms - One hit of this sweet hybrid has most tokers feeling like they found the cannabis jackpot. A sense of calm euphoria washes away stress, aches, and worries.

  • Irish Cream - No actual dairy in this bud, just a smooth, mellow high ideal for easing both body and mind. It’s an Indica-dominant mix bred from savory Afghani parents.

Any of those beauties can make St. Patrick’s Day celebrations more chill and bright. Spark up a joint and get ready for feel-good vibes without the nasty next-day hangover.

Greening Up with St. Paddy’s Weed Drinks

This St. Patrick’s Day, many revelers are expected to toast to good times with THC-infused beverages rather than pints of beer. Cannabis drinks offer those looking to get their green on a way to alter their consciousness while avoiding the bloating, headaches, and nausea often associated with booze.

Infused Sodas

Companies now offer an array of St. Patrick’s Day weed sodas to help everyone celebrate responsibly. Festive green cannabis sodas make it easy to dose THC while still dressing the part in outrageous leprechaun hats. Sip on a shamrock shake soda for some minty green refreshment.

Cannabis Teas and Tonics

THC-infused teas, tonics, and elixirs also provide holiday spirits without the adverse effects of alcohol. Those sipping “Lucky Charms” cannabis tea or a green tonic will feel a smooth buzz take hold.

Weed Beers and Ciders

For those who enjoy the brewed beverage experience, many dispensaries now stock THC-infused ciders, beers, IPAs, and stouts. They provide the familiar flavors and sensations without the intense inebriation and nasty hangover.

No matter one’s preference, St. Patrick’s Day cannabis drinks make it simple to dose responsibly. Lift a freshly infused cannabis beverage and don your best green garb this holiday! 

Cannabis Infusions to Sip or Savor

While lighting up a joint remains many stoners’ favorite pastime, St. Paddy’s Day offers some fun opportunities to ingest everyone’s favorite plant in edible form. Consider whipping up a batch of special holiday munchies to give out as gifts or serve at your cannabis-fueled celebrations.

Edible ideas include:

  • Grass-colored milkshakes with green food dye

  • Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil

  • Irish coffee drinks with THC-infused creamer on top

  • Homebrew beer or whiskey infused with a tincture, where legal

Other ways to consume include:

  • Adding tincture drops to any drink or dish

  • Vaping discreet pens with some St. Patrick’s flair

  • Cannabis topicals like balms, patches, or bath products relax muscles before or after a long day of reverie

No matter the delivery method, carefully moderate dosage, and combinations with other substances. Be sure to wait at full potency before taking more edibles. And, of course, never drive or operate heavy machinery while impaired.

Celebrating Responsibly

With cannabis and St. Patrick’s Day, moderation remains key. While relatively safer than binge drinking, over-consuming can still lead to racing heart, anxiety, nausea, and dizziness. Be sure to hydrate, snack healthy, and take it slow.

Avoid public places where others could inhale secondhand smoke. Be discreet by using sploofs, vape pens, or enjoying edibles instead. Never share cannabis foods or drinks with unknown persons, especially children or those with possible medication interactions.

Line the bathroom with hangover helpers like painkillers, hydration supplements, healthy snacks, and trash bins, just in case. And look out for each other if symptoms of greening out arise. Stay chill, relax, and let the holiday highs enhance rather than overwhelm the experience.

What better way to celebrate the wearing o’ the green than with some green herbal refreshment? As cannabis becomes more mainstream and socially acceptable, mixing it with beloved holidays offers a safer alternative to alcohol’s regretful aftermath. Have fun, be responsible, and may the luck o’ the Irish be with all this St. Paddy’s Day!

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