The Benefits of Sungrown Cannabis

Published: 2/23/2024
By: Harry B. Nuggs

The Benefits of Sungrown Cannabis

Many cannabis consumers are starting to learn about the advantages of Sungrown cannabis—cannabis plants that are grown naturally outdoors with sunlight. While indoor cannabis cultivation has become popular and widespread, returning to traditional outdoor cultivation methods offers significant environmental and quality benefits that are worth understanding.

Lower Environmental Impact

One of the biggest perks of Sungrown cannabis is that its environmental impact is exponentially less than indoor grown plants. Indoor grows require substantial amounts of energy to power high-intensity grow lights and climate control systems 24 hours a day. The energy used often comes from non-renewable sources like coal, gas, and nuclear, generating greenhouse gasses and pollution.

Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, relies on the natural power of the sun. Just like other agricultural crops, Sungrown cannabis utilizes sunlight and ambient temperature rather than man-made systems that drain energy resources. Taking advantage of natural systems drastically reduces the carbon footprint of cannabis production. If the entire cannabis industry shifted to Sungrown methods, it could massively benefit the environment by avoiding millions of tons of carbon emissions per year.

Promotes Sustainability

In addition to lowering energy consumption, outdoor cannabis grows to promote sustainability in other ways. Sungrown plants thrive in a natural habitat with greater biodiversity compared to enclosed indoor facilities. Growers can use sustainable techniques like rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation systems, natural pest control, and no-till practices to improve the health of the soil. Instead of relying on synthetic bottled nutrients produced off-site, carefully crafted outdoor growing techniques like crop rotation, composting, and cover crops supply plants with nutrients. Over time, these regenerative agriculture practices enhance sustainability and may counteract issues like topsoil depletion and water scarcity.

Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles

Another advantage to Sungrown cannabis plants is that they develop a wider diversity of therapeutic and aromatic compounds. The full spectrum of sunlight, fluctuating day/night temperatures, natural humidity, and nutrient-rich soil all influence cannabis plants to generate higher levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Extended flowering periods also allow them to produce a rich variety of fragrant terpenes—the compounds responsible for distinctive strains smells and flavors. This complex cannabinoid and terpene profile is what provides the therapeutic potential and enjoyable aromas that make cannabis so useful and intriguing.

Carefully designed indoor grows can mimic outdoor environmental variables to encourage diverse chemistry. However, evenly controlled settings often limit variation in cannabis compounds over time. The constantly changing conditions outdoors drive plants to develop adapting cannabinoid and terpene levels, culminating in dynamic chemical profiles. So while indoor methods allow reproducible output, Sungrown cannabis offers more phytochemical diversity similar to fine wines with seasonal, regional, and vintage subtleties of flavor. For both connoisseurs and medical users, those nuances can enhance the overall quality and experience.

Traditional Growing Heritage

Beyond scientific measurement of cannabinoids and terpenes, Sungrown cannabis retains a traditional character missing from indoor grows. Just like fine wine grapes, certain cannabis strains have a "terroir"—a French term meaning the environmental conditions that influence its endemic qualities. The regional solar intensity, temperatures, soil, nutrients, and even elevation at which it's grown all contribute to signature characteristics. By cultivating plants outdoors in natural settings instead of within controlled, artificial environments, growers allow heritage strains to better express their innate qualities.

Centuries of cannabis farming in legendary regions like California, Jamaica, Mexico, and Afghanistan have led to distinctive cultivars. The origins and folklore behind cherished strains would lack authenticity if artificially cultivated indoors. Traditional outdoor growing techniques also avoid the need for herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides that can introduce toxicity. Keeping Sungrown cannabis true to its regional character and free of chemical residues provides connoisseurs with a genuineness not replicable indoors. Sungrown cannabis maintains valued genetic, horticultural, and cultural integrity.

The Future Sustainability of Cannabis

As cannabis continues emerging from the black market into legal recognition and popularity worldwide, the future demands for energy, land, and water resources could become immense. Shifting focus back to sustainable Sungrown practices can help the cannabis industry avoid deleterious impacts going forward. Cultivating cannabis in environmentally-conscious ways also creates higher-quality products by leveraging regional environments instead of fighting against them. Utilizing natural sunlight, conserving water, and nourishing the soil ultimately respects cannabis's ancient connections while enabling modern enjoyment. Sungrown cannabis offers cannabis consumers and cultivators alike the chance to celebrate and preserve cannabis traditions for generations to come.

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