Crumblz - Poddy Mouth (H) - 1g



Poddy Mouth, a hybrid cannabis strain, is the result of an innovative genetic blend between Humboldt Pound Cake and Mtn Top Mint. Its name derives from its striking trichome-laden bracts or 'pods' that mimic candy in appearance. With THC levels ranging from 24-30%, Poddy Mouth caters to seasoned cannabis users seeking potent effects. Users report experiencing feelings of euphoria, creativity, and relaxation after consumption. It's also favored by medical marijuana patients for alleviating symptoms related to chronic pain, stress and depression. This unique strain was cultivated by the renowned Humboldt Seed Company and boasts flavors reminiscent of earthy sweetness with a hint of spice - thanks largely to its dominant terpene: caryophyllene. On average, you can expect prices for Poddy Mouth to fall within $15-$20 per gram range making it an affordable luxury for those desiring a powerful yet balanced experience that promotes happiness and tranquility. The frost-covered buds are richly coated in trichomes infused with distinctive terpenes adding another layer of appeal.