Shatterz - Cap Junky (H) - 1g



Cap Junky, a highly potent and aromatic cannabis strain, is the result of an innovative crossbreed between Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11. This unique cultivar was born from a partnership between two leading contemporary breeders - Capulator and Seed Junky Genetics. In 2021, Seed Junky offered Cap Junky clones at $1,000 each while in 2022; L.A Made (an affiliate of Capulator's farm) introduced the flower to California's adult-use market. The inclusion of Alien Cookies contributed significantly to creating MAC – one of today’s top strains. Meanwhile, Kush Mints has become integral to Seed Junky's Minntz brand through their collaboration with Cookies. With its distinctive aroma reminiscent of sour fruit peel combined with undertones of pepper and dankness, well-cultivated buds are coated generously in trichomes for maximum potency. Its smoke delivers a smooth yet peppery taste that packs quite a punch! Recommended solely for seasoned smokers due to its high-THC content which induces intense euphoria lasting several hours.