Black - Larry Bird (H) - 14g



Meet Larry Bird, a premium cannabis hybrid strain offering an unparalleled experience for both recreational and medicinal users. Named after the iconic basketball player, this strain exhibits equally remarkable characteristics. A balanced blend of Blue Cheese and Lemon Skunk strains results in a unique sweet-savory flavor with blueberry, cheese, and citrus undertones. Larry Bird delivers potent effects including a strong cerebral high that enhances creativity and focus. Its physical impact is just as powerful; it provides relaxation to muscles while alleviating stress. Medicinally beneficial too, Larry Bird has been reported to provide relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression due to its well-rounded effects. It's an ideal choice for those seeking mental clarity along with physical comfort. In summary, if you're searching for a superior hybrid strain boasting distinctive flavors coupled with robust effects - whether it's unwinding post-work or boosting your creative streak - Larry Bird won't disappoint! Experience the ultimate cannabis journey today by trying out Larry Bird.