Exotix - Pluto Runtz (I) - 14g



Experience the celestial serenity of Smoakland's Pluto Runtz, a superior Indica strain offering an unparalleled journey. Delight in its luscious fruity flavors and deep relaxation that dissolves stress and tension into oblivion. Pluto Runtz is meticulously crafted to deliver a captivating aroma coupled with potent therapeutic properties. It serves as your ticket to heavenly tranquility whether you're decompressing from a hectic day or seeking pure calmness. Smoakland encourages you to traverse the cosmos of relaxation with Pluto Runtz. Heighten your senses while exploring this exceptional Indica strain's harmonious fusion of tastes and sensations. Surrender yourself to space-like peace and embark on an interstellar voyage towards ultimate relaxation today.