Exotix - Top Gun (H) - 14g



Top Gun, an indica-dominant hybrid strain derived from Atlas Star and Cotton Candy strains, is renowned for its soothing high and exceptional potency. Ideal for indica enthusiasts, Top Gun's effects kick in minutes after the last exhale. Initially, it provides a burst of energy that enhances focus but this soon fades into a hazy sedation disconnecting you from reality. A wave of sleepiness follows which lulls both mind and body into deep relaxation leading to eventual sleep. With THC levels averaging 15-21%, Top Gun is popular among patients dealing with chronic stress, depression, insomnia or ADD/ADHD as well as chronic pain management. The flavor profile combines sweet nutty cookie notes with sour orange hints and spicy diesel undertones while the aroma features black diesel spiced up by citrusy earthy tones. Its buds are dark olive green cones tinged blue featuring thick dark orange hairs covered in chunky white trichomes tinted blue.