Exotix - Vanilla Custard (H) - 14g



Vanilla Custard (H) is a distinguished hybrid cannabis strain, celebrated for its unique flavor and soothing effects. It combines the velvety sweetness of vanilla with custard's creamy richness, offering an indulgent sensory experience. As a balanced hybrid, Vanilla Custard (H) delivers both uplifting and calming influences. It gently elevates mood and creativity while simultaneously easing stress and tension in the body. This strain is often favored for promoting relaxation, peace, and overall well-being. The buds are dense with vibrant green hues adorned by sparkling trichomes. The aroma mirrors freshly baked vanilla custard - sweet yet subtly earthy. Ideal for unwinding or savoring a flavorful journey, Vanilla Custard (H) stands out as an excellent choice among cannabis strains. Its enticing blend of taste, scent, and impact makes it popular among enthusiasts seeking both tranquility and enjoyment.