Sierra Hills

Sierra Hills - Shakez - Legend OG (I) - 14g



Legend OG, a calming indica strain, is the result of blending an undisclosed variety with the renowned OG Kush. This tranquilizing cannabis variant offers a unique sensory experience marked by its fruity sweetness. Ideal for unwinding after a long day at work, Legend OG provides much-needed relaxation and serenity. Its flavor profile combines earthy undertones with citrus hints and spicy notes that tantalize your taste buds while soothing your senses. The dominant terpenes - Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene - contribute to this distinctive blend of flavors as well as its therapeutic effects. Consuming Legend OG leaves you feeling relaxed yet happy; it's also known to induce sleepiness making it perfect for those seeking restful slumber.