Purple Punch

Purple Punch

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a popular purple marijuana strain. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid. This means it has relaxing, sleepy effects. The purple colors of the buds look very pretty. Purple Punch is becoming more popular because of its look and strong effects. It is a mix of two strains - Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. The Granddaddy Purple parent gives it the purple colors. The Larry OG parent makes the effects strong. Overall, Purple Punch has attractive purple buds and powerful relaxing effects. It is a great strain to try for Indica fans.

The Vibrant Colors of Purple Punch Buds

What first catches your eye with Purple Punch is the tons of purple! The shades range from vivid violet to deep eggplant, from high amounts of anthocyanin pigments. Some versions may also have highlights of green, blue, and magenta. The colorful buds look frosted with bright orange hairs throughout.

In addition to the royal purple shades, you can expect Purple Punch buds to be quite dense and round-shaped. When handled, the buds look almost like cookies, breaking apart into small pieces. Visually, this strain is gorgeous with a mix of colors that stand out from the shelf.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Bury your nose in a jar of Purple Punch and you’ll catch whiffs of sweet grape candy mingling with earthy, herbal tones. Flavors tend towards the sweet side too, with notes of grape soda, blueberry muffin, and vanilla. There are also undertones of nutty funk and gas from its OG lineage.

The overall flavor and aroma profile leans more towards sweet and fruity berries rather than the spicy, dank profile of typical OG strains. This makes Purple Punch very approachable for the novice cannabis consumer. One whiff and you’ll likely think of delectable desserts rather than pungent fuel.

Potency and Effects of Purple Punch Weed

In terms of potency, Purple Punch lives up to its name. With THC levels frequently testing over 20%, this strain packs a heavyweight stoney punch. Novices and occasional consumers should approach Purple Punch with caution to avoid an overwhelming experience.

The high hits quickly, settling into the body with a warm and fuzzy relaxation. As the buzz builds, expect your mindset to turn hazy and unfocused, possibly even inducing giggles or the munchies. Any pains or discomfort melts away as the body enters a tingly, massage-like state. Purple Punch is very much nighttime, unwinding weed best saved for after work hours. Plan to have snacks on hand and nowhere to be!

The heavy indica effects promote rest rather than energy or creativity. Medical marijuana patients choose Purple Punch for relief from insomnia, anxiety, chronic aches, and loss of appetite. Just be sure to dose carefully with Purple Punch’s sky-high THC levels.

Growing Purple Punch at Home

Want to cultivate your own Purple Punch at home? Here are some quick tips for success:

  • Grow indoors in a controlled environment to maximize purple hues.

  • Maintain slightly cooler temps around 70-75°F.

  • Use hydroponics or coco coir for faster growth. Purple Punch is a heavy feeder.

  • Opt for topping and low-stress training techniques to encourage bushy growth.

  • The flowering period is around 8-9 weeks. Plan for heavy yields.

  • Flush plants and monitor trichomes closely near harvest time.

With the proper care and conditions, home growers can achieve gorgeous purple shades and chunky yields. Just be sure to properly cure and store Purple Punch buds to preserve color and potency.

Finding Quality Purple Punch

To experience Purple Punch at its peak expression requires quality genetics. With its meteoric rise in popularity, Purple Punch has also attracted its fair share of imitators and fakes. Here are some tips for sourcing legitimate Purple Punch seeds or flower:

  • Look for cuts that originated from Symbiotic Genetics, the original breeder.

  • Check for lab test results showing over 20% THC content and dense trichome production.

  • Purple Punch seeds may be available but expect more variation in offspring compared to clones.

  • Read reviews and inspect bud photos before purchasing Purple Punch from a dispensary.

  • Sample the aroma - real Purple Punch has a sweet, fruity candy scent.

These steps will help ensure you get the real Purple Punch experience and not a watered-down imitation.


With its stunning purple hues and dessert-like terpene profile, Purple Punch has cemented itself as a staple in the cannabis scene. Beneath the pretty exterior lies a truly potent body buzz that lives up to the name. Novices and hardcore consumers alike can appreciate Purple Punch’s eye-catching bag appeal and A+ effects. Just be wary of imitations and subpar quality when sourcing your own Purple Punch. Overall, this is one cannabis strain sure to leave consumers seeing purple and feeling oh-so punchy.

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