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At Smoakland, we proudly serve the cannabis community of Fairfield, CA. We're here to be your trusted guide on your cannabis journey. Let's face it: legalization hasn't been smooth for everyone. Rising weed prices burden everyday people. But at Smoakland, we believe in accessible and affordable high-quality cannabis for all. Our mission is to make cannabis within reach for everyone. We prioritize competitive prices, quality, service, and choice. Whether you're a Fairfield resident or passing through, join the Smoakland community today.

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The Smoakland story started in 2018 when we made waves in the Cali cannabis scene with our game-changing $49 Ounce (OZ). Our mission at Smoakland has always been to enable people to experience the advantages of cannabis without facing financial obstacles. It's the driving force behind our work. 

All of Smoakland’s cannabis products come directly from the source. We’ve built relationships with California's best farms and manufacturers, enabling us to provide our cannabis community with unmatched value, quality, and variety.

Smoakland offers a fantastic range of flower, vape pens, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and shake. We also offer bundle deals to stretch your cannabis dollar, as well as daily and weekly specials tailored to every taste. 

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Dive Deep Into Fairfield, CA

Fairfield, California is a dynamic, family-friendly city with a unique blend of suburban comfort and cultural diversity. The city is known for its incredible green spaces, including the scenic Allan Witt Park and Rockville Hills Regional Park.  Fairfield also has a thriving arts and culture scene, and the downtown area offers a diverse culinary landscape and hosts numerous events and festivals. 

If you’re looking for fun in Fairfield, here are some top pics from Smoakland. 

Downtown Fairfield

Downtown Fairfield has an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Centered around historic Texas Street, this pedestrian-friendly district hosts local events, farmers' markets, and art walks, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Smoakland’s Rolliez Strawberry Shortcake Pre-Roll is a fantastic after-dinner smoke if you like desert strains.

Rockville Hills Regional Park 

Located at Rockville Road in Fairfield, this scenic park offers trails that wind through oak woodlands, providing hikers and mountain bikers with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Smoakland’s Exclusive Girl Scout Cookies is the right flower for this adventure.

Jelly Belly Factory 

One of Fairfield's sweetest attractions is the Jelly Belly Factory. Just pull up to One Jelly Belly Lane in Fairfield and take a guided tour of this whimsical place. Witness the art of jelly bean making, sample a variety of flavors, and explore the colorful world of this iconic candy brand.

With all the amazing flavors at Jelly Belly, you need something extra terpy for this tour, and the Smoakland Faderz Lemon Cherry Vape Cart is it.

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We are Smoakland, the best weed delivery service in Fairfield, and home of the $49 ounce. Smoakland never plays when it comes to prices.  No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll never have to deal-shop again. Nobody offers better deals, better weed, and more choices than Smoakland. Nobody.

What our amazing cusomters have to say

Naveed Patel

I’ve been ordering here for a long time and Smoakland never disappoints. Great bud, amazing deals, and fast delivery.

Kelsey Barnes

Had a great first time buyer experience from Smoakland. After putting in my order online, Aspen a (customer service agent) was extremely helpful in my in helping me pick my product and making sure that it got to me asap. It was delivered quickly and the driver Katherine was super sweet and nice. They are definitely gonna be my go to for cannabis!

Makaila Johnson

These people are cool and definitely on top of things. Best service period. And you can talk to them on the phone. A definite plus.

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