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Smoakland is honored to deliver cannabis to our Sacramento cannabis community. We stand with everyone in Sacramento as your unwavering companion and guide on your cannabis journey. Let’s be real. Legalization has not been good for everyone. Weed prices have skyrocketed, putting a heavy burden on everyday people. Smoakland is driven by the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality cannabis at affordable prices. Our mission is to keep cannabis accessible for all. Smoakland’s core values put people first with our prices and a relentless commitment to quality, service, and choice. Whether you live in Sacramento or are just visiting, we invite you to join the Smoakland community today and experience a brave new world where weed is accessible for everyone.

The Best Cannabis Products at the Best Price

The Smoakland story started in 2018 when we made waves in the Cali cannabis scene with our game-changing $49 Ounce (OZ). The Smoakland mission has always aimed to empower individuals to experience the benefits of cannabis without facing financial barriers. It's our motivation that drives our actions.

Every single one of Smoakland's cannabis products originates directly from the source. We've established solid relationships with California's best farms and manufacturers, allowing us to offer our cannabis community unparalleled value, quality, and an extensive range of choices.

Smoakland’s menu features an amazing selection of flower, vape pens, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and shake. We also offer bundle deals to stretch your cannabis dollar, as well as daily and weekly specials tailored to every taste. 

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Dive Deep Into Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is unique in its ability to blend historical charm with modern livability effortlessly. Nestled where the Sacramento and American Rivers meet, the city basks in natural beauty. It offers a myriad of recreational activities, such as biking along the American River Parkway or boating and picnicking in its scenic parks. 

Sacremento’s historical legacy is ever present with the stunning architecture of Old Sacramento and the majestic Capitol Building. It all intertwines seamlessly with lively entertainment venues and a flourishing culinary scene, ensuring a rich living experience. Sacramento is also celebrated for weaving a diverse cultural tapestry, with numerous museums, art galleries, and theaters that host a vibrant, thriving arts and culture scene. 

Sacramento is the capital city of California, and there’s no shortage of amazing things to do there. These are a couple of Smoakland favorites: 

Located at 3930 W Land Park Dr, this zoo has over 400 species of animals, ranging from mammals and birds to reptiles and amphibians. It also promotes conservation and education, allowing visitors to gain insights into the diverse world of wildlife.

We recommend some Smoakland Black Durban Poison Prerolls for this walk on the wild side.

Called the "Jewel of Sacramento,” this 32-mile paved trail offers a spectacular environment for biking, jogging, or a peaceful walk. The pathway winds along the beautiful American River, offering a refreshing escape from the urban environment.

The Smoakland Blue Dream All-In-One Faderz Vaporizer is the perfect discrete companion for this outdoor adventure.

Located at 1315 10th St, the California State Capitol Museum offers an intriguing glimpse into the workings of the California legislature. The museum also hosts a range of historical exhibits and art collections that narrate the state’s rich history. The surrounding Capitol Park features lush gardens, memorials, and monuments.

This museum is best appreciated from the proper elevation, and Smoakland Exotix - Biscotti Sundae can definitely take you higher.

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We are Smoakland, the best weed delivery service in Sacramento, and home of the $49 ounce. Smoakland never plays when it comes to prices.  No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll never have to deal-shop again. Nobody offers better deals, better weed, and more choices than Smoakland. Nobody.

What our amazing cusomters have to say

Angela Hastings

Very prompt service. Kept me up to date and informed through the whole process. Very friendly staff. I got a text when the driver was 2 minutes away. Products were good for the price.

Naveed Patel

I’ve been ordering here for a long time and Smoakland never disappoints. Great bud, amazing deals, and fast delivery.

Tommy Dawson

Tried them for the first time tonight, didn't know what to expect because the prices seemed too good. I was very happy with what I received, I got the blue dream and white widow and both were very good quality and grown well, very tasty. I can't wait to try their other strains.

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